Palos Verdes Realty


Bringing a new brand and website to life

Palos Verdes Realty tasked me with creating a brand and website that would appeal to the company’s wealthy clientele. We knew that we needed to convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity, so I focused on crafting a sleek, sophisticated design that would set the company apart in the competitive world of real estate. I worked closely with the owners to understand their vision and to ensure that every element of the brand and website was in line with their goals. In the end, we were able to deliver a finished product that exceeded their expectations and helped them to attract high-end clients from all over the region.

UX /UI Designer
Brand Designer
Palos Verdes Realty
It was important the photographs capture the beauty and elegance of the South Bay, in a way that aligned with the brand.

Evaluating the character and personality of each font

Brand Research

I knew that it was crucial to conduct thorough brand research in order to understand the needs and preferences of the company’s target audience. I wanted to ensure that every aspect of the brand, from the logo and color palette to the messaging and visual imagery, resonated with potential clients and conveyed the luxury and exclusivity that Palos Verdes Realty was to represent. To do this, I conducted focus groups, surveyed potential customers, and analyzed data from competitors in the high-end real estate market. By taking the time to truly understand the needs and desires of their target audience, I was able to create a brand that accurately reflected the values and aspirations of Palos Verdes Realty.

Exploring the subtle connotations of fonts to find the right one to express the company’s identity.
The brand aligns with aspirational, luxury brands such as Aston Martin, Hessen Yachts, and Versace.

Aligning the business priorities with the user experience

WEbsite Design

For Palos Verdes Realty, I knew that our target audience was made up of affluent, discerning individuals who were looking for top-of-the-line real estate properties. As such, it was important to design a user experience that was intuitive and allowed users to easily find properties that matched their specific needs. I also paid close attention to the visual design of the site, ensuring that it conveyed a sense of luxury and exclusivity that was in line with the values of the brand.

Translating the brand into a tangible product.
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desktop experience

By carefully considering the user experience and designing the site with our target audience in mind, I was able to create a website that effectively met the needs of our users and helped Palos Verdes Realty attract high-end clients.


Okay, but what about the results?

Final thoughts

The owners of Palos Verdes Realty were fantastic clients with a clear vision for their company, which set the stage for a successful project. They were extremely helpful in educating me about the luxury real estate market and provided valuable insights that helped guide the direction of the project.

  • Two years post redesign, the company went from $24MM in sales to over $80MM
  • Increased number of clients by 320%
  • Lead generation increased by 265%
  • Average sales price went from $4.1MM to $6.2MM