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As the owner of exclusive broadcast rights for both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup, FOX Sports had the opportunity to bring the excitement of the tournament to fans around the world. My team and I had previously worked on the Women’s World Cup, but this was our first time covering the Men’s World Cup. Our goal was clear: create an engaging and immersive experience for fans, while also optimizing for content discovery and promotion.

To achieve this, I met with key stakeholders including product owners, editorial staff, and executives to gather insights and better understand their expectations. From there, we conducted user research, brainstormed ideas, prototyped potential solutions, and tested them to ensure we were delivering the best possible experience for World Cup fans.

Design Director
Fox Sports
For the FOX Now apps, we created a unique collection that featured all the World Cup content.

Serving the right content at the right time

Match Center

We created Match Center to serve as the central hub for every match, featuring all relevant content such as multiple concurrent video feeds, commentary, rosters, stats, and highlights. This resource was available in the FOX Sports App and, providing a comprehensive overview of each match from pre-match to live to post-match.

Live Pregame
Live Match
Live Postgame
The UI should never get in the way of the excitement and drama of the event, only enhance it.

FOX Sports’ Apple TV app was featured on stage at WWDC

Fox sports’ multiview

Working closely with Apple engineers, we were able to create a pioneering Apple TV app that offered multiple concurrent live-stream players for the first time. This innovative feature also allowed users to “live browse” channels from the app’s home screen, another first.

We were thrilled to receive Apple’s endorsement and to be featured in an on-stage demo at WWDC.

Your team is at the heart of the experience

WC Team Pages

As the World Cup is all about rooting for your team, we made sure to provide users with a snapshot of key data points right on the home screen of the FOX Sports app. For those who wanted to delve deeper, an in-depth team page was just one tap away. Through conversations with fans, we learned that their priorities can vary based on their level of fandom, but generally, they wanted to know when their team was playing, the results of their last game, and to see highlights if they missed any of the action.

Brazil team page
FOX Sports App during the FIFA World Cup.

Designing unique and engaging World Cup experiences

Highlights Machine & VR

The Highlights Machine is a revolutionary tool that allowed users to relive the greatest moments from World Cup history. With a simple and intuitive interface, fans could easily select players, teams, matches, years, and play types to create their own personalized highlights. And with access to a one-of-a-kind archive of 300 past World Cup matches provided by FIFA, they could explore the rich history of the tournament.

The fun didn’t stop there—users also had a blast watching highlights created by others. Our editorial team curated highlight reels using a combination of editorial judgment and algorithms to identify the most exciting and relevant content from the archive and current event.

We weren’t surprised that the Highlights Machine became a viral hit, with users sharing their favorite moments from World Cup history.

FOX Sports Highlights Machine in collaboration with IBM Watson.
The FOX Sports VR app allowed users to experience the thrill of the game like never before. With unique perspectives, they could immerse themselves in the action and cheer alongside a friend.

Okay, but what about the results?

Final thoughts

The FIFA World Cup was an incredible success, but we knew that we needed to keep users engaged even after the event was over. To do this, we created a user journey centered around allowing users to favorite their team. By prompting users to choose their team and then asking for permission to send notifications about that team, we were able to achieve a high opt-in rate and strong retention rates even after the World Cup ended. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Daily Active Users: Surpassed target by 34%
  • Lead designer and I received Emmy Awards
  • Boosted app downloads through various campaigns
  • Improved star ratings within the app
  • Maintained high retention rates after the event
  • Delighted FOX Sports’ partner FIFA with our results
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